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Payoff and eliminate high interest debt and amortized debt by leveraging debt over debt and give every dollar at least 2 to 3 jobs before putting it back into the world.  Gain 3% to 5% cash back rewards, travel rewards, and start gaining compound interest growth on your money.

Cash Flow

To start velocity banking you must have positive cash flow each month. You don't need much; but the more, the better. In some cases, consider a side job or business to gain extra cash flow. Your cash flow is the what's left after paying all of your debts and expenses each month.  You must know you're 4 numbers.


Good credit is not required to start, but it will allow you to gain access to specific accounts that can level up your velocity banking strategy. Without good credit your only leverage is cash flow. If you need assistance to establish and build personal credit or to restore damaged credit.

Universol Credit Consulting

Metalife Banking

Velocity Banking + Infinite Banking

Learn the rules, map out your strategy, plan your success - 1.5 hour Masterclass.

Strategic Money Management

Debt is a tool that should be leveraged to build wealth or you're using it incorrectly.

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