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Life Insurance Strategies

Customized Plans 

Learn How To Leverage Life Insurance

Key Person Protection

You are your most important asset in life and in business. Protect your business so that if you become disabled or pass away, the death benefit would provide cash to enable the business to continue operations for a specified amount of time. Proceeds are paid directly to the business and the business can use the money as it deems appropriate. Key Person Insurance can also be purchased on employees as well to protect the business.

Buy/Sell Agreements

Similar to a Key Person policy, a Buy/Sell policy is used when it's time to buy out a partner and/or a partner's inheritance either because they have passed away or for any reason even while they are still living.

Liquid Asset Protection

When you put your money into life insurance policies; that money is hands off from any litigation, including bankruptcy. Your liquid assets are protected.

Infinite Banking

Instead of borrowing money from a bank, you become the bank and you pay yourself back! While protecting your money from any litigation including bankruptcy, guaranteeing tax free growth, and securing a legacy. Payoff debt, buy a car, buy a house, invest in your business (whatever it is).  Give every dollar you earn at least 2-3 jobs before it leaves your economy, protect your liquid assets, and sleep well at night.

Retirement Planning

In most cases; pensions, social security, 401k/IRAs are not going to be enough to retire on and maintain a high quality of living. If you become disabled or unable to care for yourself, health insurance and medicaid don't cover long term care or in-home care. Our plans will have you covered.

Generational Wealth

This is the heart and sole of any plan. What we leave behind is our legacy. You can create generational wealth for your children and grandchildren or you can leave behind a legacy to a non-profit of your choosing.

Lets Design A Plan That's Right For You!

We will design a plan for you that is unique and customized based on your short and long term goals, your income, and family dynamics.

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