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Protect & Preserve

In most states your money is safe once inside a life insurance policy. It is protected from any litigation including bankruptcy and even the IRS. No one can sue your money inside of the policy.

Tax Free Growth

Depending on the life insurance policy and insurance carrier there can be from 1.5% to 4% guaranteed compound interest "tax-free" growth on your money plus dividends and index returns.

Generational Wealth

The heart and soul of any life insurance policy is the death benefit. The death benefit or face value of the policy is what gets left to your beneficiaries and it is also "tax-free" to your beneficiaries.

Infinite Banking

Become Your Own Bank

Protect & Preserve Your Liquid Assets Before Investing In Any Business Venture or Opportunity

Customized Plans

Give Every Dollar At Least 3 Jobs Before It Leaves Your Personal Economy.

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